How it works

Based on people’s commuting modes the app rewards points for greener behaviors.

MUV transforms commuting as a sport and everyone can play the game like a professional athlete.
Individual players and teams are engaged in championships and cups at the local, national and international level.

Outstanding achievements are always rewarded with real gifts.


Teams in MUV

Play with your colleagues: join the challenge to make more sustainable cities

Companies, Public Bodies and Universities can build their own teams.

By doing so, co-workers can compete with each other and challenge other organizations in specific championships.

MUV provides organizations mobility management tools to help save money in commuting costs.


Athletes in MUV

Not just commuters but sustainability champions

By downloading MUV, commuters become athletes and can compete with their friends and/or create their own teams.

In addition, pro MUV athletes can join multiple leagues and be selected to represent their own cities and even countries during major championships.


Become a sustainable commuting athlete!

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